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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  December 22, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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the climate moves on and latest, temperature might rise 1 degree sells ycelsius, by 2100. . >> paul: mary there's persuading certain kind of behavior. i think that the government can regulate things we agree as a society we don't want and we do that with cigarettes, we do that with alcohol and should do it with other drugs. >> paul: thanks, mary. if you have your own hit or miss, please send it to us at and follow us on twitter@gerfnc. thanks to my fan and all of you watching, i'm paul gigot and hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> i'm sorry, mr. ambassador, but your statement that the president and ambassador-- and secretary clinton made clear that it was a terrorist
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attack right afterwards is not true. it's not accurate. >> jon: following the release of the benghazi report which slams the state department for failures at high levels, congressional hearings get underway to unravel the murky details surrounding the deadly terror attack on our consulate. >> i want to first start by apologizing to the deputy-secretaries because you have been brought here as an ruse. >> jon: but the probe turned into a political face-off. some ignored the issues. are the media following their lead? >> shortly after 9:30 this morning, newtown police department received a call for help at the sandy hook elementary school. >> jon: a heart breaking tragedy unfolds in newtown, connecticut. 20 elementary school children and six adults gunned down in their school. the media providing wall to wall coverage and then the focus changes. >> it's so unbelievable and it only happens in america. >> jon: is this the time for liberals and their media lap
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dogs wto push the agenda against guns? time magazine names its man of the year and guess what? it's barack obama. are you surprised? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. richard grenle, who served as press spokesman for the last four u.n. ambassadors to the u.n. jim pinkerton conservative magazine and daily beast columnist kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. now. >> you were aware of the security risk there, we've read the cables. you were fully aware and either you send people there with security or you don't send them there. >> i looked at the people streaming through the front gate in benghazi, that wouldn't have taken that much to stop that attack if indeed they'd have been-- they would have responded to
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it immediately. >> the president and high level officials of this administration immediately after the attack and for days afterwards kept talking an overwhelming part of their discussion of the issue dealt with movie rage about these muslims being upset about portrayi portraying mohammed in a bad way in some movie on youtube. >> jon: those are the congressional hearings that began this week to try to piece together some of the details surrounding the deadly terror attacks on our embassy in benghazi. the attacks killed four americans, including our ambassador on september 11th. so, jim, this accountability, accountability review board appointed by the state department takes a look at the state department and finds that the security was, quote, grossly inadequate to deal with the attack. what kind of coverage does it get? >> oh, that got a lot of coverage. it was grossly inadequate. the people who escaped the coverage and could go on interviews, for example,
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hillary clinton, are hillary clinton and president obama. they are different. they're in a different category. anybody with undersecretary and below is dead meat in terms of this thing, can be fired, embarrassed humiliated however, hillary clinton and president obama are on their own. >> jon: and you had questions, judy, whether secretary clinton questions about this. >> this is the amazing thing about the press conference on friday, that the republican senators had because they suggested that she hadn't even sat down and talked to the men who were leading the panel that she created. if that's true, that is truly an astonishing omission and i don't think she is going to be able to escape responsibility for it. she's already claimed responsibility, but i think that questions are going to be continue to be asked what she knew when. it's not good enough. you're not going to be able to get away with saying this is just an assistant secretary problem.
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it's not. >> jon: those three republican senators came out in that news conference and said there are questions here that need to be answered about the president and his policies and suggesting that secretary clinton needs to answer those questions as well. are the press -- are the press answering and-- >> we talk about this a lot here. the press overall have not been terribly interested in this. they sort of range from no interest to claiming it's a right wing conspiracy, sort of where they fall on this and secretary clinton obviously needs to be the one to testify. i don't know why these people had to even dw througo through e were just watching, sort of lambs to the slaughter. and tom weiss, in full disclosure my first boss in the white house and he was not responsible for this. and hillary clinton said the buck stops with her. the president says the buck stops with him and yet, they're the only two people who seem to be taking any kind of responsibility. >> but, here is my problem with that is that tom nigh was sent out there because he's
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hillary's political deputy. he's the one that hillary says is going to testify because she has a concussion, he's got to take responsibility for looking at the cable, for the undersecretary in the different departments, for the regional bureau assistant secretaries. the state department power is in the regional bureaus. the assistant secretary of state for near east, pat jones, is not named in the report. she's responsible. if she would have approved security, it would have been done. you can't blame others and tom nye is her boss. so, the as a matter of fact of the matter is, the coverage for tom nye showing up for hillary clinton was atrocious. cnn basically said it was something that tom nye said we could do better on when in fact, tom nye is married to the cnn deputy bureau chief, virginia mosley and that wasn't disclosed.
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and the staffer and her relationship with tom nye, so i think the media have got to do a better job and get to the bottom of this. >> i think that the press conference on friday, senator graham, senator mccain and senator ayotte who i think now replaced joe liebermen of the three amigos, made the impact on foreign policy, and i thought between the fiscal cliff and newtown, connecticut that the story would kind of fade away. i don't think it will. i think the pressure on secretary clinton to testify while she's still in office, as secretary of state, and then whatever carryover that takes over to senator kerry of massachusetts confirmation hearings, secretary of state sometime early next year, i think the story has a lot of legs coming in 2013. >> jon: we know that susan rice lost her chance to become secretary of state because she went out on the talk shows and spawned the videos. >> the board concluded there
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was no protests prior to the attacks which were unanticipated in their scale and intensity. a lot of people in the media bought the administration's spin. should there be you know, repercussions to that? >> the amazing thing about the way this whole story has been covered ap the way that certain news outlets continue to cover it as a political attack on the obama administration rather than an inquiry into why four american diplomates died. and that continues, that scene continues despite such information, despite the report concluding what susan rice said was wrong. the issue is, when did susan rice know that. when should she have known that. what steps did she take to try and find out what the situation was on the ground and apart from the talking points she's been handed. these aren't addressed by anyone, but fox and a few-- >> and it's been described as a partisan witch hunt. >> it's incredible. even if you look at the report
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found, it's stuff you would have known if you'd just been watching fox news. it doesn't take an investigation to get this information and i think that's what's so frustrating is that there was no curiosity, i mean, you know, we knew there wasn't a protest, it was reported, it was reported before she went on the air to say that there had been a protest, there was no protest. and yet, this is such a media scandal. you know? that just the way they not only have a lack of interest, but actually smearing anybody who is asking questions, as being some sort of right wing, wingnut. >> lets me say something positive about democratic senators. i think that some democratic senators recognize that, no female democratic senator spoke up in susan rice's defense, not one. >> jon: we've got a lot to report on news watch of the including the newtown massacre. did a media agenda take over the coverage? everything. share "not even close."
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>> the scene in newtown was echoed across connecticut on friday. bells tolling 26 times for the 20 children and six adults killed at the sandy hook elementary school a week earlier. that horrific story getting major media attention. the coverage of the tragedy took a quick turn and many in the media to push their agenda against guns. it's so unbelievable and it only happens in america. and it happens again and again, and there was another shooting yesterday, three people killed, i think, in a hospital. we kill people in schools, we kill them in hospitals, we kill them in religious organizations, we kill when they're young, we kill them when they're old and we've just got to stop this. >> jon: well, you might applaud what mayor bloomberg says there. judy is nodding. jim, part of his statement was wrong. ask the people of scotland, norway or russia whether these kind of things happen only in
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america. >> right, look, there are four clusters of ways to think about these issues in terms of policy prescriptions, one is guns which we'll spend the rest of the year, 2013 talking about. the other is mental health which will be some interest one the culture of video games and so on and the fourth one, david brooks brought town his credit is the copy cat issue. after columbine, there was a mean in the media, don't mention their names and give no credit and notoriety. after virginia tech in 2007 the american psychological association says it's a mistake and harmful to mention this killer's name and copycats. that idea of not mentioning the killer disappeared in a frenzy to get every last detail about the guy. at wayne laperriere said, you can see the next copy cat making his plans now based on the notoriety this young man
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in connecticut received. >> jon: judy, you're one who applauds the concept of gun control. do you think the media made this turn too quickly of this story? >> no, i think the politicians they were covering made that turn and i think it's inevitable turn after so many incidents of this -- tragedies of this nature and i want to point out that there was eaks lent story, i believe on npr, about a rampage in a china school in which a madman went after children in a school with a knife and he stabbed over 20 of them, but nonethem d and that's the key difference. when you have an automatic weapon that you can rapidly reload, when you have a gun, it kills. it kills more easily. it's hard to stab people to death. >> certainly you're not suggesting that a communist society rules are what we should follow. i mean, a mentally disturbed man stole guns. i haven't been shown any piece of legislation that is going to change that. if there was a gun law that would change the fact that a
11:46 am
mentally disturbed man couldn't steal a gun, i would be for it, but the simple fact is, judy, i don't care what law you're going to put in place, the mentally disturbed man is going to steal a gun. >> you can't abolish-- >> he didn't have to steal it, he took it from his mother, what happened in columbine, took them from their parents and the n.r.a., i consider to be a completely utterly destructive organization in this society if they want everybody to have a gun they need to start talking to people how to handle a gun. here is an idea, secure your guns. my brother keeps his guns in a safe. and my father-- fr frnl. >> that's the law. >> are people prosecuted? >> that's a great point. >> and n.r.a. is on this stuff-- i want to nerve what i have to say. i'm tired of hearing how there's this anti-gun agenda. it's an anti-killing spree agenda, it's not an anti-gun agenda. i don't have a problem with guns, i grew up with guns. i have a problem with people having magazines clips,
11:47 am
whatever you want to call them and everyone complains we don't use the exact right term, you we you will a know what i'm talking about, where you can spray bullets and kill 20 people in a minute. this is not the way a civilized society should operate. >> funny you mention that because on friday, the n.r.a.'s wayne laperriere said exactly we need more gun training and more guards and all of these things. i guarantee he that part of the press conference and statement won't get covered at all. i think that the media do have an anti-gun agenda and doesn't follow policies at all and have it on their own and all other ways to deal with scoot shootings and mass violence will be sunk below the radar. >> and the run knives, why don't we outlaw lives and they don't do mass killings with knives. >> why not outlaw mental illness-- >> we know what the solutions are, we've discussed them for
11:48 am
years. >> i don't know-- >> no, no, we can make it hard tower kill that many people in a minute. we can do that. as the president said and i think taking note of and worth covering, we can do better. >> i think that china can control-- >> you might note the american people who do have a voice, the media will do their best to ignore what the american people say and gallup did a survey, what to do in the wake of newtown, more cops, less violence and gun control. first three disappear and the fourth is the issue. >> and who said this. >> n.r.a. membership booms in these moments and gun sales boom in these moments and bush master sales are booming, and in the wake of the gab giffords shooting, glock sales
11:49 am
boomed and how do they have these moments. >> i don't know, that's the feeling over at msnbc. >> here is one solution, how about we pass a law that says any hollywood actor who participants in a movie with violence has to donate their salary to the government? to get to do the movie, but if it's got violence in it, all the money goes to the government. >> and the profits of the movie, too. >> remember, and with the legislation and hollywood-- >> is there any evidence any of these things happen because-- >> copycats. >>, but movies, nothing do with a movie. >> jon: we're going to have leave it there. back with more news watch in a moment. check our bags for fre, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card.
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>> we are at the time of year when we look at the past 12 months and remembering the big stories and events that affected our lives and get the big news.
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who did time magazine pick to be the person of the year? ta-da, it's him again, president barack obama quote for finding and forging a new majority. for turning weakness into opportunity and seeking amid great adversity to create a more perfect union. rick, what do you think? >> i think it's wrong because he's person of the universe, really. (laughter) >> person not just of one year, but decades and universe, why are we minimizing? >> they make a role out of this big media event. >> i think keep doing time magazine by doing a favor other way it would go the way of newsweek. and david moranist of the washington post, this is like lincoln at gettysburg, what would they operate on. >> i think it's a failure of the part of imagination on time magazine, if we can't come up with anyone other than the guy who won the election. >> was it a cop-out? >> i think in their minds he
11:54 am
is the perennial person of the day, bern of the hour, person of year. >> and i think president morsi, and taken over and it really has become the narrative of the entire world. the arab spring, i call it the islamicic awakinawaking. >> rick, aren't you going to hold president obama responsible for that? >> give him credit-- >> so who should we expect next year? or is it too early to talk about. >> i think it's too early to start talking about hillary clinton. i think we're going to have to wait an um can of years, what do you say. >> i'm going to go with president obama? >> we'll have to see whether she actually testifies in front of the committee while she is still secretary of state as the senators seem to request. stay with us, we have more news watch coming up. [ loud party sounds ]
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>>. >> jon: we have come to an end for quite a week. i want to thank my panelists and merry christmas to our viewers. we want to talk about the tragedy of covering and heartbreak in newtown, connecticut. >> it's the event that no reporter wants to cover. no vocabulary is big enough and
11:59 am
no word covers the power to convey what we saw and heard and felt in new oh town, connecticut. depraved, inhuman, words that describe but can't capture it all. the two teachers and two students were hospitalized, we hoped that was the worst of it. within two hours, more details emerged. i felt the same thick feeling during the 9/11 attack. this is something so horrible it would 80 terrify the nation's course. there has been plenty of blame on the messenger, reporting was flat out wrong, incorrect age of the gunman based on police. some of it from sources far less than reliable. we clamor for information to pass on a on. as a father that sent off kids to fourth grade not
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